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Alvin Hall has a strong presence appearing in online video and audio. A brief sample is below:

Sky News Morning Stories
Lloyd’s Bank videos
Lloyd’s Bank videos
ISA Changes video
National Public Radio

Beyond My Viewmaster Dreams

Listen in on Alvin’s autobiographical storytelling as he contributes to Beyond My Viewmaster Dreams. Not to be missed.

Alvin Hall book

Alvin Hall Explains the Stockmarket

In this video, Alvin provides insight and his thoughts behind his latest book The Stock Market Explained, published by Hodder & Stoughton.

Student Finance instructional video

Student Finance with Alvin Hall

This Is Money
Student Finance instructional video

Jamie's Dream School | Alvin Hall on Maths and Money

Ostrich attack!

Alvin Hall Ostrich Attack


Alvin Hall’s 12 Truths of Money
MSN - Money

Every week, Alvin Hall presents an exclusive new podcast examining one of his 12 truths of money.

Student Finance with Independent Financial Expert Alvin Hall

Student Finance with Independent Financial Expert Alvin Hall

Lloyds TSB, August 8, 2009

“Independent Financial Expert, Alvin Hall answers parents and students’ questions on how to survive the financial pressures of university life.”

Alvin Hall talks about his book 'You and Your Money.'

Control "You and Your Money" with Alvin Hall

Alvin Hall talks about art, walking in New York, and his book "You and Your Money."
Simon and Schuster, July 2009


Investing Lessons from Alvin Hall

Money Talk, The Motley Fool (UK), May 27, 2009

“Alvin Hall is this week's guest on Money Talk. David chats openly with Alvin about what investors should be aware of when dipping their toes in the stock market. They look at how much you should invest at various stages of your life and how to determine the amount of risk you are able to bear.”

How to be a Savvy Saver with Independent Expert Alvin Hall

How to be a Savvy Saver with Independent Expert Alvin Hall

Lloyds TSB, October 12, 2008

“Alvin Hall gives the nation advice on how to save during the credit crunch.”


Beating the Bookies?

Mathematical Thinking, The Open University, BBC

“The Ever Wondered team gave financial guru Alvin Hall a fiver and sent him off to a greyhound track to explore how you can use numbers to shorten the odds.”