Your Money or Your Life

A Practical Guide to Solving Your Financial Problems and Affording a Life You'll Love
368 pages
Coronet Books (April 28, 2003)
ISBN-10: 0340823208
ISBN-13: 978-0340823200

Do you want to get your finances on track? Or are you lost in the fiscal maze of baffling and conflicting offers on plastic, policies and pensions? Let Alvin Hall, TV's leading money guru, put you in control of your purse strings.

Whether you're daunted by debts, stumped by savings strategies, making plans or moving house, Alvin will help you take charge—for good. He'll show you how to:

—Recognize your personal spending style—and manage it
—Find (practically) painless ways to save money and stick to them
—Understand the real cost of debt and how interest on credit and stores card accounts can be minimized
—Unravel mortgage mysteries and pick the package that's your best option
—Plan your pension and look forward to a rewarding retirement
—Evaluate insurance offers and establish what you really need

Alvin turns complex financial theory into accessible, practical advice. Follow his common-sense solutions today and you'll afford the life you'll love tomorrow.


WH Smith Book Awards: The People Choice

Business Book of the Year, 2003