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Power, Lust and Glory: The Story of Gold

Premiered October 2020
Eight episodes

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Why are humans seemingly hardwired to worship gold?

It is unique amongst metals: it is malleable, it doesn’t tarnish, and it shines like nothing else. Over time it has come to symbolise wealth and status. It can represent goodness and fidelity but also greed and lust.

Financial educator, author and broadcaster Alvin Hall explores why we are so obsessed with this particular metal, and what it represents around the world - in terms of wealth and symbolism - both historically and now.

Alvin will look at the lengths people go to in the pursuit of gold and ask what is the true value of Au?

A Just Radio production for Audible Originals.

Ep. 1: Conquistadors and the Lust for Gold
Alvin explores the Spanish conquest of South America and the pillaging of a people for gold.

Ep. 2: Extracting Ore
Alvin looks at some of the different methods for extracting gold including mining and panning but also the impact it has on the people and the environment.

Ep. 3: Criminal Gold
The lust for gold drives people to commit criminal acts. Alvin investigates gold heists, smuggling, theft from mines and historical sites.

Ep. 4: Buried Treasure
The discovery of buried treasure makes headlines - we are reminded of fairy stories and tales of ancient heroes but what more do we learn?

Ep. 5: I Wanna Be Adorned (with gold)
Throughout history the wearing of gold has reflected status, but why? Alvin explores the status of gold in different cultures.

Ep. 6: Wealth
We associate gold with riches but how much is it actually worth? Alvin looks into gold as an investment and its role in the financial markets.