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Alvin Hall

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Alvin Hall’s Secret Collection

BBC Radio 4

Five part series, April 2006

As art lovers crowd into museums and galleries, many of the world's great paintings and sculptures are hidden away in private collections — rarely seen or admired except by the owners and their guests. Alvin Hall seeks out the world's most interesting secret art collections.

Program 1: A visit to a man with so much art, he has to hang it on the ceiling and the toilet door. More Info

Program 2: Alvin meets two people who collect cutting edge contemporary art — including a urine yellow sculpture of a toilet. More Info

Program 3: Alvin visits the Hort family collection in New York — one of the best contemporary art collections in the world. More Info

Program 4: A look at a different kind of secret collection — Deutsche Bank's huge corporate art collection. More Info

Program 5: Alvin meets two New York art collectors who collect art on a budget. More Info