Investing for All with Alvin Hall


Series 1-4, July 1998

In this four-part series Alvin Hall helps four investment clubs investigate and analyze companies in four business sectors in which they wish to invest: Transport, Lingerie, Food, and Entertainment. The four investment clubs includes 16-year-old high school students; a group of ambitious 20-plus young adults named the Millennium Millionaires; business women and housewives from Surrey, and a delightful group of 60-something ladies from Leamington Spa, called the Mums Investment Club. Each group engages in some hands-on analysis of the companies they’re interested in and learns how to look at the financial prospects of each company.  While none of the member of the clubs is flush with cash, they have a keen interest in money and want to learn more about making it grow.

Episode 1: On the Road (Transport)

Episode 2: The Knicker Business (Lingerie)

Episode 3: A Rich Recipe (Food)

Episode 4: Time Off (Entertainment)